cognitive automation examples

As a result of the generated decision, we get an instruction JSON file that contains metadata about highlight scenes, specific events, or time markers for post-production, etc., depending on the pipeline. The pipeline starts downloading a video asset provided by the customer. We add special downloading media workers and media container parsers for the cloud productization pipeline and orchestrate them with Kubernetes. Let us take a closer look at Cognitive Mill™, a cloud robot the AIHunters team has created, and how it works. Like the rest of computer science, AI is about making computers do more, not replacing humans.

What is the advantage of cognitive automation?

Cognitive automation can use AI to reduce the cases where automation gets stuck while encountering different types of data or different processes. For example, AI can reduce the time to recover in an IT failure by recognizing anomalies across IT systems and identifying the root cause of a problem more quickly.

Typically, this also makes it quick and easy to implement and understand. Automation has become a necessity rather than a luxury over the past 18 months, igniting heated board-level discussions as many organizations grapple with where to begin and which type of automation to invest in. Along with comprehending the complexity of technology, keeping up with the tongue-twisting terms is a difficulty given the light-speed advances in ML/AI technologies every few months. Even while all or nothing may not be the most realistic solution for certain firms, these technologies are often buried in larger software suites, which only worsens the situation. The various sorts of data that a bank frequently gathers can provide information about its customers' personalities, lives, preferences, and aspirations.

Product lifecycle management

It is possible to use bots with natural language processing capabilities to spot any mismatches between contracts and invoices. When these are found, you are alerted to the issue to make the necessary corrections. Itransition offers full-cycle AI development to craft custom process automation, cognitive assistants, personalization and predictive analytics solutions. Consider the example of a banking chatbot that automates most of the process of opening a new bank account. Your customer could ask the chatbot for an online form, fill it out and upload Know Your Customer documents.

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According to consulting firm McKinsey & Company, organisations that implement RPA can see a return on investment of 30 to 200 percent in the first year alone. Once you have an initial list of requirements for process automation, assess which type of technology could best fit your needs — simple rule-based automation or AI-enhanced execution. Yet, they may offer pre-made connectors or ready-to-use automation scenarios for some of the business apps your company already uses. These tasks can be handled by using simple programming capabilities and do not require any intelligence. Cognitive automation combined with RPA’s qualities imports an extra mile of composure; contextual adaptation. The robot imitates the human brain’s work by making human-like decisions based on the analysis of the watched media.

Making Strides in RPA with Cognitive Automation

The technology of intelligent RPA is good at following instructions, but it's not good at learning on its own or responding to unexpected events. RPA and cognitive automation offer different ways to take care of mundane tasks, leaving staff free to focus on what humans do best. RPA’s main advantage is its speed, accuracy and consistency when compared to human workers. That is why we introduced ABBYY Marketplace, an online digital community where customers can download skills and other technology assets that add value to ABBYY’s Intelligent Document Processing platform. Companies large and small are focusing on “digitally transforming” their business, and few such technologies have been as influential as robotic process automation (RPA).

cognitive automation examples

RPA works on semi-structured or structured data, but Cognitive Automation can work with unstructured data. So now it is clear that there are differences between these two techniques. The generated JSON files with metadata can be taken to a customer infrastructure for further processing with third-party software, or they can be used in other Cognitive Mill™ pipelines.

The debate on whether AI chatbots are general intelligence or cognitive automation

Even if it were possible, it may not be desirable for machines to perform all human work. As AI takes over more tasks, it will be important to ensure that human skills, values, and judgment remain involved in applications and decisions that have a significant impact on people and society. Creativity, cultural understanding, and wisdom are also core parts of the human experience, and we would not want to fully automate away activities that tap into these capabilities.

What is cognitive system in AI?

The term cognitive computing is typically used to describe AI systems that simulate human thought. Human cognition involves real-time analysis of the real-world environment, context, intent and many other variables that inform a person's ability to solve problems.

The use of machine learning (ML) in robotic process automation (RPA) and cognitive automation is becoming increasingly widespread. ML is a powerful tool that allows businesses to automate complex processes and gain insights from large data sets. By leveraging ML, businesses can automate mundane and repetitive tasks, streamline operations, and enhance customer experiences. The primary benefit of RPA and cognitive automation is their ability to automate a range of business processes.


For instance, isn’t it true that AI chatbots like ChatGPT are incredibly flexible in terms of how much they can talk about? This technology seems to be able to do more than respond to task-specific inquiries. It almost appears to display a sort of general intelligence on multiple subjects. The lead nurturing process includes tasks such as lead identification, lead scoring, and sending customized proposals to qualified leads. Intelligent bots can collect additional information about identified leads from public sources, assess them and assign them a score according to an algorithm, and automatically send customized proposals to qualified leads. Since it has proven effects on saving time and effort, all while cutting down costs, it is expected that healthcare RPA will become a staple in the healthcare industry.

cognitive automation examples

However, if you are impressed by them and implement them in your business, first, you should know the differences between cognitive automation and RPA. The cognitive solution can tackle it independently if it’s a software problem. If not, it alerts a human to address the mechanical problem as soon as possible to minimize downtime. The cognitive automation solution looks for errors and fixes them if any portion fails. If not, it instantly brings it to a person’s attention for prompt resolution.

How to Scale Generative AI Without Hurting the Bottom Line

These jobs will become increasingly automated as the technology improves, leading to fewer opportunities for human workers. For example, suppose you are into supply chain management and logistics. In that case, it’s best to have an inventory management system by your side to improve the accuracy of your inventory management processes. Cognitive automation is rapidly transforming the way businesses operate, and its benefits are being felt across a wide range of industries.

Intelligent automation combines the speed and efficiency of traditional robotic process automation (RPA) with the adaptability and decision-making capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI). By using AI algorithms to analyze data and make decisions, intelligent automation systems can learn and adapt to changing circumstances, resulting in more accurate and efficient processes. Supporting this belief, experts factor in that by combining RPA with AI and ML, cognitive automation can automate processes that rely on unstructured data and automate more complex tasks. “This makes it possible for analysts, business users, and subject matter experts to engage with automated workflows, not just traditional RPA developers,” Seetharamiah added. Let’s consider some of the ways that cognitive automation can make RPA even better. You can use natural language processing and text analytics to transform unstructured data into structured data.

RPA analytics and automatic orchestration

In the retail sector, a cognitive automation solution can ensure all the store systems – physical or online – are working correctly. Thus, the customer does not face any issues with browsing and purchasing the item they like. Splunk has helped Bookmyshow with a cognitive automation solution to help them improve their customer interactions. Automation helps us handle redundant tasks so that there are no human errors involved, and human intervention is minimal.

cognitive automation examples

“Both RPA and cognitive automation enable organizations to free employees from tedium and focus on the work that truly matters. While cognitive automation offers a greater potential to scale automation throughout the enterprise, RPA provides the basic foundation for automation as a whole. The integration of these three components creates a transformative solution that streamlines processes and simplifies workflows to ultimately improve the customer experience.

What is the difference between RPA and cognitive automation?

RPA is a simple technology that completes repetitive actions from structured digital data inputs. Cognitive automation is the structuring of unstructured data, such as reading an email, an invoice or some other unstructured data source, which then enables RPA to complete the transactional aspect of these processes.

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